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The approximately 200 million acres of arable land not producing food in Sudan is bigger than adding up all the acres inside the borders of Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota together. These are breadbasket states of the US, where only 2% of the population produces food for all Americans while being the major food exporter in the world. Likewise, Sudan’s non-productive arable land could be the breadbasket for Africa, especially the neighboring nations facing famine, if it applies know-how to agriculture. 

The key to food security in Africa is not only providing food to the hungry but teaching Africa how to farm in a modern way. The Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Program, UNICEF and private philanthropies are doing God’s work in Africa, which thanks and blesses those donors; yet no level of donations will ever meet the hunger challenge as The New York Times clearly shows here and the World Food Program clearly shows here

The Kenana Engineering and Technical Services subsidiary of KSC has been employing Engineering and Project Management processes which have saved KSC 25% to 30% of production costs since the 1980s, contributing to KSC’s competitiveness. KETS builds production plants, mills and infrastructure not only in Sudan but in neighboring lands such as Nigeria. Learn more from the KETS website and video here and here