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Partnering With KSC


Who is KSC?

KSC is a multinational sugar, food and energy company that for the last 41 years combined western technology, Middle East finance and vast amounts of Sudanese land, water and sun to produce sugar, ethanol and food products. The company has become one of the largest and profitable enterprises in Africa, with strategic suppliers, partners and customers from five continents. It produces over 300,000 tons of raw sugar annually and employs over 12,000 people.


KSC’s board include six top financial leaders from Sudan’s public and private sectors, four investment leaders from Kuwait, and three investment leaders from Saudi Arabia. KSC’s shareholders include government investment and development funds from three countries. And KSC’s management has always been grounded in private sector enterprise knowledge, technology and market experience.


Doing business in Sudan

KSC is headquartered in Sudan which is open to foreign direct investors (FDI) and facilitates investment. See “Doing Business in Sudan” by the U.K. Trade and Investment Organization which describes the Sudanese regulatory and bank transaction services available to visitors. The Sudanese Business Federation and Sudan Chamber of Commerce are also helpful and the government’s Investment Supreme Council facilitates FDI.


See the “Africa Incentive Survey” of the global auditing firm KPMG in 2016 to review Sudan’s provision of tax incentives, pre-approval requirements and export free zones. KPMG shows Sudan’s tax rates are similar and typical for African nations, most of which are seeking FDI.


Agricultural investments are privileged in Sudan. Exemptions from VAT, Customs, and Business Profits Tax (BPT) are extended to all agricultural production activities.


And Special Economic Zones (Port Sudan, El Gaily – near Khartoum, and Suakin) have been established with no tax for the first 15 years, no personal income tax, no customs fees, and exemptions for imports and exports.


What about the sanctions?

The US levied sanctions on Sudan in 1997 prohibiting trade in specified areas or products mostly relating to military arms. Agricultural activities were never sanctioned, just the opposite. In fact, the US has been actively promoting Sudan’s agricultural development for decades. Nevertheless, the sanctions had an inhibiting effect on investors from the US if not Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


In January 2017 the Obama Administration temporarily lifted the sanctions against Sudan and in October 2017 the Trump Administration permanently lifted the sanctions against Sudan.


Consequently, KSC’s management believes that an opening to investors and institutions in the US is appropriate, which is the reason why this website has been updated in English and a US Task Force for Strategic Development of food production has been appointed.


Partnering with KSC

Doing business with KSC makes it easy for the foreign investor in Sudan’s vast arable lands. KSC provides fast-track legal and technical assistance to its partners for ministry registration, inspection, tax enrollment and legal requirements.


Downstream, KSC will construct virtual data-rooms where many agricultural products can be developed on millions of acres available for KSC organizational development with FDI partners. KSC is working on a design to utilize virtual and secure bidding and auctions on agricultural concessions; and on virtual bidding for sugar export products.


KSC abides by the transparency principles of international business promulgated by the European Union, and abides by the World Bank process for arbitration in the resolution of international business conflicts. KSC intends its American partners to be as comfortable doing business with KSC as they are with a US-based food company. To this end, KSC has opened a Beverly Hills, California business office.


For more information about partnering with KSC or to ask KSC management a specific question, email a message to KSC will respond as soon as possible.