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Coffee Farm Quality Control

Food Growth Opportunities Abound


KSC is a globalized, agro-industrial conglomerate


With a diversified shareholder base


With western technology and business practices


With major market partners and customers from six continents


And forty years of innovation and achievement under its belt


Strategically positioned in the middle of a continent


That can potentially feed the world but may go hungry...


If what KSC knows is not applied

KSC knows a lot

For example, in KSC’s sugarcane breeding research program, 1,684 batches of varieties from Africa, South America, North America, the Caribbean, India, France, and Mauritius were tested in KSC research fields.


R&D is a key reason why KSC’s yields and productivity are at the top globally (read more of the 83-page ISC White Paper on KSC here)

KSC researchers conducting a pest survey

KSC will start in Sudan with known projects that are open to strategic investors. These are:

  • Co-developing a greenfield capacity for raw sugar production on 153,700 acres of fertile farmland on the West Bank of the Nile River -- prime land.


  • Co-developing a greenfield white sugar refinery in the Port Sudan free zone area.


  • Co-developing a sugar import/export terminal at Port Sudan.


  • Co-developing a meat processing facility on 1,044 acres in the Sondos Agricultural Scheme.


  • Co-developing 52,800 greenfield acres of land owned by KSC where vegetables, nuts, alfalfa, maize or other food produce can be produced in parcels.

  • And for its agricultural projects, KSC seeks strategic partners to co-invest in a solar-array power plant financed by Power Purchase Agreements and doubling as housing, community and markets for farmers and families in modern, connected, solar communities where modern health, education, banking and enterprise innovations are available.

Here is the KSC market for food production and distribution: the entire continent.


Even with these large projects, KSC touches only the top of the iceberg: up to 200 million acres of arable but uncultivated land exist in Sudan which KSC can access through government concessions, making doing business easy, sustainable and profitable for its partners, farmers, communities and consumers.


By these means, KSC plans to help lead an effort to revitalize African food production firms. KSC is already operating in 7 African nations other than Sudan and wants to expand there and elsewhere in Africa. But KSC also believes in sharing knowledge, technology, and capability with its African brothers and sisters, especially those living in 17 nations of Africa which could face level 5 famine crises by 2040 if food production is not doubled on the continent in the short term.


KSC believes that food production is simultaneously both a sound business with returns competitive with Western investment funds and a good, philanthropic, humanistic undertaking -- a common cause of all nations and peoples sharing space on our common planet.