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Excerpts from the Managing Director’s statement upon his June, 2017 appointment:


“The Kenana Sugar Company has a proud history. It is one of the best examples of the partnership for development between the public and private sectors that can be found in African history. Right from the start, the Company faced many challenges and succeeded. Consequently, Kenana is a modern, open and smart company.”

“But we can’t go forward by only thinking about the past. We can’t drive forward by only looking at the rearview mirror. There are too many unanticipated turns in the road.”


”So, we have the obligation of vision, to see things. We have the obligation of leadership, to show the way.”


“As we all know, much remains to be done for our country,
and our families. And it is the responsibility of our generation to do it.
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”Sudan, which can feed Africa, must start to do so. And we can. The sanctions that have strangled our national development since last century, are likely to be lifted in a matter of months. So now is the time to double our production effort and then, if we can, double it again.”


“As the leading corporate producer in Sudan, Kenana seeks to double sugar production as soon as possible. I will work to that end. I ask you to join me in that effort.”


“As the major investor in the White Nile Sugar Company, Kenana can help it reach the same goal. I will work to that end. I ask you to join me in that effort.”


“And as the major food production partner of the nation, Kenana will embrace the most productive technology to spur national investment and growth including solar technology, clean evergreen energy, agricultural science, and the communications power of the information age. I ask you to join me in that effort.”


“Together, we’ll make Kenana evergreen.”