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The multinational food company

KSC is one of the largest integrated multinational food companies in Africa

KSC Offices

Food security is KSC’s business: for Africa, for the Middle East and beyond

KSC’s Directors

Since 1976, KSC has been dedicated to food security in Africa and the Middle East


KSC is a comprehensive food and energy knowledge-driven company


Scientific research, engineering and smart finance are integrated in KSC

High Yields

Your intellectual property is deeply respected at KSC. Here’s ours


KSC is an IT company that produces food


KSC is a one-stop food, energy, construction and services shop

Global Reach

KSC is familiar and comfortable working globally

Working with KSC

It's profitable to work with KSC

Partnering with KSC

Regulatory and partnering environment is friendly


Sustainable community development has the highest priority at KSC

Faces of KSC

Our farmers, partners and employees are all members of the KSC family

The US Food Security Challenge

The US and Africa have a mutual interest in food security

KSC Integrated Cane Model Approach for Green Production

An article about KSC technology

About Kenana Integrated Agriculture Solutions

KIAS is a major growth subsidiary of KSC