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Feeding Africa, the Middle East, and more…

Food Scarcity Plagues Africa


United Nations research has found
that there are 20 nations on earth threatened by extinction – 17 from Africa alone -- where population is outracing food production, threatening extinctions by 2040. Half of those nations closely border Sudan, the potential breadbasket of Africa.

Photo courtesy of UNICEF

Photo courtesy of World Food Program

African Food Production Can Double


UN food research shows that KSC can double or triple its food production in the short term, showing Africa the way to alleviate food scarcity. Led by Kenana, a modern, multinational public-private-partnership, the great farmlands of the Nile will partner with globalized finance, modern technology and knowledge-management to do the job. 

African Farm Communities Can Be Sustainable, Modern, And Profitable


Africa’s poverty problem is exacerbated by migrations from rural areas with no electricity or jobs to cities where there is little opportunity. Kenana’s strategy is to attract Sudan’s best, brightest and youngest with Internet-connected, solar-powered homes in modern communities that create good-paying knowledge jobs and start-up enterprise opportunities, rather than wasting their time unemployed and frustrated in overcrowded cities. 

Architect's sketch of a solar village for Sudan

Kenana: ‘IT Company That Produces Food’


Kenana is an IT-driven company. Years ago, the company cut production costs by 25% through engineering software applications, and is now prepared to help double Sudan’s food production by partnering with global technology for soil analysis, irrigation, planting, growing and harvesting dozens of crops on over 45 million acres of available arable land in Sudan. 

Food Growth Opportunities Abound


Imagine arable land larger than the total acreage in the American Midwest states of Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota, to be developed by public and private, global and local alliance partners of Kenana and Sudan. It’s a big job, but KSC is up to it. 

In the 1970s, a public-private-partnership was born including Sudan’s Central Bank, private banks, development banks, the foreign investment funds of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the family farming and ranching corporations of Sudan, and private investors: KSC was born to provide food security to Africa and the Middle East, a job which forty years later feels like it’s just beginning.

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